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About Dance Arches - Testimonials

As an ex professional dancer from English National Ballet, I only wish Dance Arches had existed then.

Having worked with the product now that I am a teacher, I find it to be very versatile. Due to its excellent design both dancer's with good feet as well as those with lesser feet can benefit from it.

Being a male dancer I was lucky enough to have been born with reasonable insteps. However, after placing the Dance Arches on my feet I found they actually enhanced what I already had & most dancer's will agree that aesthetically, any improvement is always a plus.

So, to clarify. If you weren't fortunate enough to be blessed with high insteps, Dance Arches will build that area up with a natural look and comfort too. If you already have high insteps the product will enhance them while still keeping a natural look.

I teach at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in central London and have introduced Dance Arches to some of my students. Although I had explained to them that the product is not a substitute for hard work, I definitely noticed an increase in moral and confidence in their work. I feel with the correct coaching and guidance that both students and professionals can benefit from this product.

I am genuinely excited about this product as I have seen how it can help generate positivity in a dancer and as an ex professional myself, I know how important it is to feel positive and confident.

- Dincer Solomon Dip.P.D.T.D (RAD LONDON )

Dance arches are an AMAZING product for preformance and class use. Let's face it: no matter how hard we work as dancers, our physical appearance will always be a big factor in auditions as well as performance. It's really unfair that in the dance world, dancers who work so hard cannot see their efforts pay off because they were not blessed with "The Foot"!

Dancearches are a great idea and gave me much needed confidence in class as well as in exams and performance. They are invisible and look real and natural. I highly recommend these!

- Jasmine, Canada

On behalf of my daughter who successfully auditioned for the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance in London and is now dancing with the Rambert Youth Company. Molly has been invited to audition for a number of professional dance companies throughout UK and Europe during Jan - March 2009.

Although Molly has excellent turn out, her feet do not have the type of amazing natural arch that draws positive attention. However, from the first time Molly auditioned wearing her 'dance arches', her feet attracted attention not only from Artistic Directors, but drew comments from onlookers such as "You have the most awesome feet!"

Molly had a markedly heightened self confidence when dancing at auditions or competitions, knowing that the dance arches helped her feet look naturally highly arched and very professional. She is about to embark upon an audition tour through Europe and her dance arches will be the first thing in her bag. She attributes part of her success in auditions to her (now) highly arched feet and is thankful to 'dance arches' for marketing this great product.

- Ann - Sunrise Beach Qld. Australia

I just love Dance Arches!!! They make me feel confident and secure. I don't have to worry about how my feet look. I know that when I wear Dance Arches my feet look and feel beautiful in these natural easy to use arches. Dance Arches help finish off the little details in my performance. I'm glad to use Dance Arches!!! Thank you so much for creating Dance Arches they have become a natural part of me!!!

- Ariana - Canyon Country, California, USA

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